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OWA is offline starting at 8:00 p.m. local time on the fourth Friday of every month for maintenance and updates.

Message Center: Deployment of Exchange 2010 is now in progress.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) gives you access to your email via the Internet using a supported web browser and a secure log on. You can work from a GIL or non-GIL Windows based or Macintosh computer.

All major Outlook functions are accessible including Inbox, Folders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, plus view and send attached files.

New to Web Mail or OWA?

  • Unless you have otherwise been notified, you are on Exchange 2003
    • You must use SecurID token and PIN to access OWA.
  • If you are on Exchange 2010, you can participate in the OWA 2010 Pilot
    • You will need either a SecurID/CryptoCard token and PIN to access OWA,
    • Or a SmartBadge for GIL PCs (this applies to external users only).
    • For Non-Gil Windows PC, you will need a Legacy SmartBadge Connection Kit (for badges issued before May 2010) or SmartBadge Connection Software.

Warning to Chevron Web Mail Users

Notice to Users: This Chevron system is for use by authorized users only. To the extent permitted by law, by using this system you acknowledge and consent to the monitoring, access, use, and disclosure by Chevron of any information generated, received, or stored on the system and waive any right or expectation of privacy in connection with your use. Unauthorized and/or improper use of this system in violation of Chevron corporate policies is not tolerated and may result in disciplinary action, including termination.

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